In his photographs, the Belarusian / British photographer Dima Zorkov
(b. Minsk 1977) uses original equipment of the analog era at every stage of the process. The images are thoroughly selected and hand printed by the artist himself.

It was during the year of 1991 when Dima became interested in photography, after shooting first roll of film and printing first photograph. By the early 2001 Dima was craving for challenge which brought him to London. This is where he came face to face with the local artistic scene and showed his work for the first time. The artist relocated to Berlin in 2016 where he set up his own lab.


All 35mm Black & White images are hand printed on Ilford MG FB Warmtone Semi-Matt paper. Photographs from ‘Light Study’ Polaroid album and all colour pictures are professionally inkjet printed on genuine artists Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Matte paper.

Service: Contact me to buy a print or book a photo session.


2007 — Group show, Samara, Russia.
2008 — Personal exhibition, Monkey Chews Pub, London, UK.
2011 — “Last Supper”, group show at The Cave Gallery, London, UK
2011 — Group show, The Cave Gallery, London, UK.
2012 — “Russian Journey”, group show, City Hall, London, UK.
2012 — “To Whom It May Concern”, Group show, Studio 180, London, UK.
2012 — “Russian Journey”, Group show , Pushkin House, London, UK.
2016 — “Camera Obscura — an Interpretation”, personal exhibition, World Window Gallery, London, UK.
2018 — Art Photo Budapest, presented by Whiteconcepts Gallery. Personal exhibition, Budapest, Hungary.
2020 — “Lifestyle You Ordered”, personal exhibition, Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2020 — “Cover Of The Cover”, group show, Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2021 — “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”, group show, Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2021 — “The Outside Of The Inside”, solo/collaboration show, Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2021 — POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, group show, Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2021 — Pop-up Gallery by Bark Berlin Gallery, Bad Sarrow, Germany.
2022 — “A Portrait Of Spirits”, group show, Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.


email: info@dimazorkov.com
instagram: @dimazorkov


Selected works are currently featured at Bark Berlin Gallery.